Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Love Getting Free Toilet Paper From Ralphs!

Once in while your coupons and store sales will perfectly align and you'll end up with some really useful products for free or for mere pennies. This is exactly what happened for me (and anyone else in the Los Angeles area) this past week.

Ralphs offered 4 roll packages of Angel Soft toilet paper for $.99 each. The sale caught my attention because I remembered seeing $.50 off coupons for Angel Soft toilet paper in my coupon binder. This was perfect because Ralphs doubles coupons up to a dollar. I was all set to go to Ralphs on Friday after work and get my free toilet paper.

Unfortunately, I saw upon closer inspection that the coupon was for a 6 pack and higher of Angel Soft. Bummer. I went to Ralphs anyway because I had a coupons for free Ben & Jerry's and Vitamin Water and the 12 grain loaves of bread I like were on sale for $.99. Even though I couldn't get my toilet paper, I was still able to get the ice cream, water and bread for a grand total of $1.03.

The next day, I was trolling my coupon sites and found that the insert preview had finally been posted. Guess what was coming out in the Sunday insert? You got it! $.50 off Angel Soft 4 roll packs.

I bought four papers and a teammate gave me her inserts. Off to Ralphs I went. I learned the last time on the Cottonelle deal that Ralphs only doubles one like coupon per transaction. I got five packs of the Angel Soft and did five separate transactions. Each one cost a nickle in tax. I got 20 rolls of toilet paper for a quarter. How cool is that?

There's still time. If you have this coupon, you can hurry in to Ralphs today and get your Angel Soft toilet paper for a nickle, too. If they're out, don't worry. Get a rain check. The coupon doesn't expire until June 21st.

Happy Shopping!

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