Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Disturbing Images from the Republican National Convention

By now, we've all heard the stories of the protesters clashing with law enforcement outside the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. We've seen the video of the police officer spraying the crowd with a substance rumored to be mace. But those aren't the images I'm concerned about.

I'm concerned about the images inside the convention hall itself. Take a look at any of the videos from the convention and you'll notice a disturbing trend. Have you noticed how everyone looks disturbingly alike? The convention is overwhelmingly populated by old, white people. What is that about?

Aren't they supposed to be representing America? Well the last I checked, American is made up more colors than white. It's made up by more ages than elderly. It's made up of off the rack shoppers as well as the ones who have their tailor on speed dial. So why in the world are people so eager to get behind a party and that party's representative when the people in the party so obviously don't represent America?

I really wish someone could explain this to me. I certainly don't get it. Then again, I sincerely hope I never will.

I don't want to understand people who are so comfortable taking care of others who look like them while their neighbor who is slightly darker perishes. I don't want to understand people who can so easily talk about God or quote scripture when they blatantly disregard His command to love one another. No. That is something that I never want to understand.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Nation of Whiners...

...that's what America is according to John McCain's adviser Phil Gramm. This whole mess is absolutely sickening to me. My goodness. Are you people really that out of touch with the American economy? But wait...that's my bad for not already knowing that you are.

Of course America has no reason to whine about the rising cost of gas and food when you're looking at the prices from behind the million dollar stacks you stole from the American people in the Enron fiasco. $5 a gallon? No problem. Filling up your Humvee today will just barely make a dent in Joe Schmoo's retirement fund that's now sitting in your bank account.

Okay. So these people are crooks. They've always been crooks. They'll always be crooks. What's breaking my heart are all the Americans lining up to give them their vote. As if the last 8 years weren't bad enough. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, Jesus did say we were sheep. Just like sheep, we fall stupidly in line behind the shepherd who manages to distract us with what Bobby Goat has going on with Billy instead of staying focused on the shotgun the shepherd is loading.