Sunday, January 13, 2013

Available Now: The Marriage Curve

And now for a little Christian Erotica.


Jaylyn Sanders is a church girl. She grew up a church girl and expects to remain a church girl long after she’s dead and chilling in Heaven.

Zeke Malone is a billionaire philanderer whose good looks and charm can lure any woman he wants into his bed. Except Jaylyn. Knowing he's on the verge of losing her forever, Zeke does the one thing he vowed he’d never do again. He agrees to attend church with her. After all. How bad could it be?

Turns out, it’s worse than he’d imagined. The secret he’d been hiding from her for years is brought to painful light. Unafraid to call him out on his mess, Jaylyn issues a challenge Zeke knows he should refuse. He tries to call her bluff, but they end up in Vegas and married. She treats him to an explosive honeymoon night proving that everything he’d feared about the marriage bed was unfounded.

However, outside the bedroom, neither of them can figure out how to be married in general nor married to each other in particular.

Can Jaylyn and Zeke survive The Marriage Curve?

This is an erotic romance.


"Eyes front."

If they'd been in public, he might have felt a bit of remorse being caught staring at a woman's breasts. Given that they were alone in the car, he continued to stare. He also knew it would chip away at her defenses. He'd decided that his best offense here was to let her know as often as possible how much he desired her.

"Why? The view's pretty good right here." He turned in his seat to rest his back against the door so he could have a more full on look. They were definitely bigger than he remembered. But not surgery bigger.

"What was I thinking? Why is it that you can't manage to behave for five minutes?" She shot a glare his way. "Seriously, Zeke. We're on our way to church. Can't you curb the harassment for one morning?"

He frowned and shifted his gaze upward. "Harassment? Most women would be flattered with the attention. I find you attractive. Why shouldn't I let you know it?"

"Perhaps you should set your sights on one of them." She looked his way. "And you have let me know. Again and again. And again. The horse is dead already. Quit beating it."

Wow. He couldn't do anything right with her. "Fine. Would it make you feel any better to know that I was just wondering why your breasts are bigger?"

Her jaw dropped and she stopped at a green light. "You're kidding me, right?"

He shrugged and resettled himself in the seat. "The light is green," he pointed out. He waited until she put the vehicle back in motion before continuing. "No. I'm not kidding."

"That's not something you remark on in polite company."

"That's why I brought it up now instead of waiting until we got in the church foyer. So, what gives?" He looked at her face to await her answer. He could see her gritting her teeth and felt a little twinge of satisfaction. It was much better that she be furious with him than to feel nothing at all. Besides, a little fury made for some great sex.

He frowned as a truly horrifying thought struck him. The seat. The swollen breasts. Oh crap! "You're not pregnant, are you?"

Her jaw dropped for a second time and she looked at him again. "I'm trying a new bra," she ground out. "Is that okay with you?"

Relief washed over him. He smiled. "Aw. You really shouldn't have gone to so much trouble for my benefit. I've always enjoyed your rack." His eyes flicked downward again. "Though I must say I do appreciate the effort."

"What effort? There was no effort! Especially not for you."

He just smiled and winked at her, which increased her fury. He loved getting to her like this. It went a long way toward evening the score of how much she got to him. "If you say so."

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