Monday, January 7, 2008

Fire Recovery: Left Behind

A while back I found a website where fellow tenants connected and shared information periodically regarding how to go about getting our property back after the fire. I just visited the page again to publish the link next to an article I'd written about the whole experience and had a sad surprise.

Yesterday, a woman posted the fact that she still had not been able to retrieve her property. It's been over a year and these people have obviously yanked her around. Or worse, said nothing at all.

Though after dealing with them, nothing surprises me. Except the article I found praising them for their excellent customer service. What a joke!

My heart goes out to poor Jessica. The last I dealt with them, the landlord was yelling at me because I was the last tenant who still had property on the premises and I wouldn't let him throw it away. It was May when I finally got him backed into a corner enough for me to get the stuff.

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